Adding markers to the map ...

The community discovery platform is designed to unify and change the flow of information to community groups 

How it works

Stage 1:

Community and friends groups register

Stage 2:

Each group is provided with a selection of free online tools

Stage 3:

Our volunteers work with the groups in their area to help them build connections with other groups and local businesses

Stage 4:

Once registered and set up each community, park group can start generating new income stream to help towards there own goals streams of income.    


Helping local community groups, charities and organisations in your area? 


This is a great way for volunteers to help the community from the comfort of your own home, you can login and add information from any computer, full training can be provided.

 Help your local community groups.

Local community group, local charity, local business.

Many under advertised community groups would benefit with letting the locals know they exist


For Fun, there is also a layer on the map for some fun interesting stuff


Support local park and community groups by adding them to the map!

Community halls
Community groups
Local charities
Local businesses
Local history and old pictures of the past!

Our project uses a selection of open source GNU products: All help welcome CLICK HERE TO GET INVOLVED