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David Ishag Synagogue

David Ishag Synagogue


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+44 20 7603 7961


352 Preston Rd
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The Synagogue opened in its current premises in 1983, having been founded in 1970. Since then, the community has been mainly formed from Sephardi families who escaped persecution in the Middle East. Members come from Africa including Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and the Sudan, from Europe including Turkey and Greece as well as India and the Middle East. A number of members have joined from the United Synagogue and the Spanish and Portuguese Communities. Although the members are from many diverse backgrounds, the community considers itself as one enlarged family, who come together to pray, celebrate happy events and support each other on sad occasions.

On 11 January 1970, a meeting was held in the home of Rabbi Dr. and Mrs. Kamhi. In attendance were Rabbi Dr. David Kamhi and Messrs Cesar Benson, Abe Cohen, Ezra Dwek, Bernie Ereira, Ezra Meallem, Yousef Rasouly, David Sullam, Victor Tamam and Youssef Wahba. It was decided that a place of worship should be established in the Wembley area, to practice the Sephardic minhag. A few days later, the late Mr Joseph Peppo Levy, who became the first President and Mr. David Sinigalia joined the congregation together with Mr. Zaki Ishag, the late Mr. Victor Lagnado and his son Mayer. The late Mr. Maurice Tamman became the Vice President, and the late Mr. Bernie Ereira became Secretary.


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