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Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre

Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre


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07490 000998


2 Whitefraires Avenue
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Jazakumullahu Khayran to all those who have supported the Masjid with your generous contributions, If you would like to sign-up for a regular standing order donation please contact us
It was the year the year 1998, even though the Muslims from Sri Lanka have been migrating to UK throughout the past fifty years for different purposes, it was only then that this gained momentum and Sri Lankans migrated in large numbers. The sound of Azan echoes five times a day from dawn to dusk from the Masjids situated in all the corners of the villages and towns in Sri Lanka. Ulamas and Huffaz are found in almost all the Muslim hamlets. Masjid will be full for five time prayers everyday as well as for Tharaweeh prayers during Ramadan. A number of pilgrims would set out for Hajj pilgrimage from Sri Lanka, during Hajj season.  You cannot find a single Masjid where Da’wah work is not carried out. We were living in an atmosphere where we had hundreds of Madrasas and thousands of students who were learning Deenul Islam.


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