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The Light of the World Trust

The Light of the World Trust


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+44 1895 271659


118 Misbourne Road
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UB10 0HP
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The Trust provides caring volunteers who will exercise a service user’s dog, groom and possibly take the dog for veterinary care. The service is available to the elderly and disabled.

This is the true account of how God moved in the lives of Steven and Geraldine Alford, founders and trustees of The Light of the World Trust. Following a series of recorded interviews over a period of two months Beth King. I slowed down as I saw my two friends on the bike ahead of me pull over to a lay by and then I spotted a young woman at the side of the road. I watched as the three spoke briefly then my gaze followed the girl as she got back in her car. I pulled in behind the car as my friends headed off on their bikes with an empty petrol can. I walked round the white Capri which sported a black Vinyl roof, noticing that the girl was reaching down to the floor of the car for something. I sat heavily on the bonnet anticipating her look of surprise when she saw me. She immediately looked up and our eyes met, time seemed to stand still. Our eyes locked and for several minutes not a word was spoken. Then I began to feel self-conscious and embarrassed, this had never happened before.


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