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Understanding our client’s business is the starting point for our projects. Our initial discussions focus on the business as a whole and we seek to understand current status, strengths and weaknesses, company objectives and barriers to them. Where facts are scarce we help to quickly fill the gap. To this end, our senior team have the relevant blend of listening skills, detective skills, commercial acumen and consulting skills. We aim to quickly establish a fact-based overview of where you are and where we can help. Once we have an agreed overview, our approach is very much operational performance based – office or shopfloor process. We work with your people at all levels to develop and install more effective systems, processes and routines.

Our expertise falls into roughly three areas, namely Systems, Processes and People (people use systems to control processes). Our focus is however, on your people. We work with them to create the most effective systems and processes so they have ownership and then we work alongside them to develop their system usage and process management skills. We will ensure the processes are rational, smooth and efficient. Waste in all forms will be minimised. Every employee will be equipped with the tools required to do their job to the best of their ability. To this end, our consultants are listening, can-do, collaborative individuals.


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