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Horsenden Hill

Horsenden Hill

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14 Uxbridge Rd
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W5 2HL
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A beautiful area of ancient woodland, grassland, ponds and hedgerows, that provides an opportunity to experience nature and escape from city life.

The site is broken up into three distinctive sections:

Horsenden East, bordered by Horsenden Lane North, contains large areas of woodland, with smaller patches of grassland which are managed by grazing the fields with cattle. There are amazing views from the summit, which at 84m above sea level, is the highest point in Ealing.
Horsenden West, on the opposite side of the lane and bordered by the Grand Union Canal, contains a mosaic of wildflower meadows, hedgerows and ponds.
On the southern side of the canal lies Paradise Fields comprising scrapes, reed beds and lagoons offering a peaceful haven for wildlife and visitors alike.
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Provides an opportunity to experience nature and escape from city life.
Made up of three main areas, this is the largest single nature conservation site within the borough at 100 ha. Located in Perivale this site comprises of meadows, wetland and woodland habitat so there is plenty to see.


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