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Duncan Terrace Garden & Colebrooke Row Gardens

Duncan Terrace Garden & Colebrooke Row Gardens

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Deccan Terrace
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N1 8BS
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The Duncan Terrace & Colebrooke Row Community Gardening Group is a community-led initiative, started in 2011 intended to build local interest and participation in the development and care of the Gardens.

Duncan Terrace Gardens comprise a series of linear gardens between Duncan Terrace and Colebrooke Row. They were re-landscaped in the 1950s and now form an important link in the series of green spaces along the former course of the New River.
In 2007, following public consultation, the Council undertook improvement works in Duncan Terrace Gardens to enhance their beauty and environmental value, adding colour and maximising the ecological assets, and also improving footpaths, seating and accessibility. Overgrown and self-seeded areas were thinned to allow more light into the garden and in autumn 2008 over 1000 flowering shrubs, herbaceous perennials, ferns and bulbs, as well as trees, were planted.


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