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Arlington Square Garden

Arlington Square Garden

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7802 196257


27 Arlington Square
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N1 7DP
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 Arlington Square, located in a quiet conservation area in the south of the London Borough of Islington, is surrounded by Victorian terraces that were built around 1850. From Victorian times the square had lawns, flowerbeds and curving paths, but during the Second World War it was used for trench shelters and barrage balloon mooring, and it was subsequently neglected and allowed to become an unkempt open space. In the 1950s it became a garden square again, when Islington Council laid it out in its present arrangement.
Arlington Square’s large and peaceful space is now much loved and appreciated. The ongoing restoration of the square by residents from the surrounding streets is a stirring example of how communal gardening can bring neighbours together, forge friendships and create a beautiful community space.


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