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Shia Ithnaasher Madressa - London

Shia Ithnaasher Madressa - London

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+44 20 8416 0483


Local Area
Islamic Centre, Wood Ln
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Few people realise how far the Shia Ithna’asheri Madressa has come in such a short time, or what an impact it has made on our community here and further a field. As you will see, from relatively modest beginnings it has flourished into the industrious organisation it is today. This history of the Madressa serves to illustrate what has been achieved so far, and is a tribute to all those whose ideas and efforts have gone into building a healthy future for our next generation…

On 13th January 1985, the London Jamaat first opened the doors of the Shia Ithna’asheri Madressa. Its main aim was to meet the growing religious needs of the children of our community. The Sunday classes were held at the newly-acquired Huseini Shia Islamic Centre in Stanmore, and consisted of a mere five classes and 60 students learning an elementary syllabus. Yet, in under a month the number of students had swelled to over a hundred, and within a year there were 15 classes and 262 students on register, and an established syllabus had been put into place.


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