Stockport Borough Council

Stockport Borough Council

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Chadkirk Country Estate
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Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council is the local authority for the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, Greater Manchester, England.[1] The council is currently in no overall control, as at the 2016 local elections the Liberal Democrats lost their majority. Currently, Labour and the Liberal Democrats both have 26 seats, and the Conservatives have 8. There are also 3 independent councillors that represent the Heald Green Ratepayers.

The Saxons established a village on the site and this was the beginning of Stockport. The name Stockport was derived from two Saxon words: STOC – a stockaded place or castle, and PORT – a wood. Literally, a castle in a wood. There is sufficient evidence that a stronghold existed in the vicinity in ancient British times as well as early Roman times.


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