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Gordon Cookson

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Gordon Cookson

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020 8567 7548


The Stables, 31 West Drive, (off Lakeland Close)
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I make decorative and functional pieces. I particularly enjoy the challenge of making one-off items either from builders' offcuts or unusually shaped wood, especially those with wild grain patterns. The wood is mainly from trees which either fall down through wind or disease and those which have to be taken down because they have grown too big for their surroundings. Their demonstrators and international ones at other seminars have inspired and taught me a vast amount. Also Mark Sanger helped me to put small decorative details on my work as my raffle prize from the AWGB 2013 Loughborough Seminar. I have written articles for their newsletters, the Woodworker and British Woodworking magazines.

My passion for woodturning started at school when I was 14. My Dad organised a family whip-round for a joint Christmas and 16th birthday present and bought me a lathe, which is still useable. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain and the Middlesex Woodturners Association for over 25 years and the Cheam Woodturners Association for over 15 years and the Society of Ornamental Turners since 2011.


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