This community information board is designed to unify and change the flow of information to the community. 

We are a local charity, building a multi layered map to highlight and help locals find information in one place. 


Can you help? By adding community groups, local charities and local help organisations? 

This is a great way for Volunteers to help the community from the comfort of your own home, you can login and add information from any computer, full training can be provided.


Why is this important? 

What not on Facebook or LinkedIn? As a community group, we found so many times, people did not realise there are so many community groups around them.


Add your favourite

local community group, local charity, local business.

Many under advertised community groups would benefit with letting the world around them know they are there

For Fun, there is also a layer on the map for Local History, with memories and pictures, if you fancy sharing some of the past.

Please help support by adding!

Community halls
Community groups
Local charities
Local businesses
Local history and old pictures of the past!

Local History!

Did you know the Kinks played at Harrow Weald?

Did you know the First Fatal Car crash was in Harrow?

This project is online for all to see and use now and in the future. (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)