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Experience the most indulgent pampering treatment for your feet. This ancient art is a safe, gentle therapy that boost the body's own healing systems and combats stress. Reflexology works by applying pressure to the reflex points of the feet which are mapped directly to the organs in the body, creating energy flow leaving you feeling like you are floating through life.This therapy can be enjoyed by everyone from babies to the elderly as it treats the whole person and not just specific conditions.

I am a fully qualified and insured Reflexologist and Massage Therapist passionate about the health and well being of others. Having worked for many years as a Beauty Therapist and for the past twelve years as a Care worker I have a special interest in stress related illnesses, depression and patients with back problems, PMT, menopause and much more. I was introduced to Reflexology when I was suffering with my back to the point where no one could touch it. Someone suggested Reflexology and I was very sceptical. How could treating the feet help my back? I went anyway as I was in so much pain and ended up having a few treatments and enjoyed them so much I decided to become a Reflexologist myself. Reflexology is not a cure but it can definitely help with pain. I have a great love of touch therapies especially Reflexology as it helps the body heal itself.I trained in Central London College of Reflexology under Michael Keet who is an inspiration in this field. In June I focused on further training in Spinal Reflexology under Louise Keet. Through Louise I have learned how to tap into the Central Nervous System accessing the neural pathways to all the organs and structures within the body. I am also qualified in First Aid.All my clients receive a non judgemental and confidential approach. I will design a bespoke treatment plan to suit each individuals needs. So call today and make an appointment and see how good you can really feel.


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