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What is this website about?

Creating tomorrows parks today, parks make the very best community centres

We believe all parks should provide the following +

  • Carbon neutral spaces

  • Offering free drinking water

  • Is litter clean

  • Plastic free

  • Hassle free

  • Bug and Wildlife happy

  • Provide ongoing active interesting and engaging community projects

  • Then added with twists of resident’s ideas makes a happy place A local place to chill with you family and neighbours

  • And free Wifi for everyone!

This is only possible with a supportive community hub.

This system was built to help park groups grow using the internet.

We know how hard it is to get things going, move forward, learn whos is who, get permissions, piles of paperwork and more, all because you wanted to look after your local park and create well being in your area. 

This website is 100% free.

Once registered, we attach your group to your local park, your registration will unlock a set of easy to use management tools and advanced features to help start creating a local park hub around your area.

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