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Community hubs support local park groups by building and improve communication between community groups, businesses, local organisations and the local authorities to become stronger together.
Park and community groups become strong when they have a supporting local community hub:

Park friends groups
Community groups
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The power of community hubs

When HAD decided to have a picnic we used our community hub to create a wonderful afternoon together, a love story for all involved. A local Temple supplied the main meal, local residents organise dessert and entertainment and a wonderful afternoon entertainment and picnic was enjoyed by all.

Art for Parks Sake event was a community event enjoyed by many. Local businesses sponsored the leaflets, residents organised the event, Artists taught people and the afternoon was attended by many people, this would not be possible without local community and business support.

The Community hubs Discovery Platform is designed to help build support groups around parks: 

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Find a community hub in your area, access and support local community groups near you