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Welcome to The Friends Community Action Committee information page.

As a group we feel that any council is an appointed guardian of parks, open spaces, and community life, for a limited period of time, to the resident this park is in perpetuity.  

Any mistakes that councils and/or large organisations make, while in control of our parks and community area, are ultimately to the detriment of the community. 

Mistakes happen, but incompetence and waste is, obviously unacceptable. 

While the people responsible can move on to another area, or another job, the local residents are left to suffer the consequence of their decisions.

"we are not an action group against councils or business, our task is to redress local problems that affect us all

we work with councils and in fact help with both their bottom line and invisible bottom line by reducing costs in a myriad of ways."



£1,000.000 (one million pounds) - That's 666,666 council taxpayers as £1500 pa annum each (is my maths correct?). This was YOUR money! We now have a few example of these


Litter is an ongoing problem, but it is not always the fault of the takeaway outlet, but due to the lack of care taken by the customer when disposing of their litter.  However, the seller does have a community responsibility that is often forgotten.

Our Community Action Committee recently debated this problem with a global food outlet close to the park, and, after a few days, it was agreed that they would arrange for the litter generated by sales from their local store to be picked up twice daily.  This was to be overseen and signed off by a manager.  However, they were not prepared to agree to this arrangement being implemented nationwide, or even throughout the borough.  

But at least the Friends have achieved this local solution, and, as we are Friends, we feel it is only right to help others to benefit from the same level of litter picking. 

Together we can achieve so much!


Many community groups have issues that could be resolved easily through information and talking.

Community Action Committee, which provides an accessible library of information for community groups, to enable the creation of smart parks.

To begin with a list is being compiled of the following:

Community groups


Local support services

Park Groups

Local businesses

Public Services

Our goal is to help community groups and businesses work together locally.

Our second goal is to spread awareness through information and communication! This way we believe that most issues can be resolved.

You can play an essential role in helping us and the community to achieve these important goals.  If you care about the local environment and want to help The Friends to set up and expand this library resource, please join our team.  

We need people willing to research and collate information from surrounding boroughs.  This data will then be added to our library, which will be accessible to all similar groups, to ensure that this information, and the solutions to problems that might be encountered, will be consistently available to everyone. 

Volunteers are also needed to input data online, to add information about community groups and open spaces to our growing list.  This will allow us all to communicate and share information in the future.

This project is a developing and worthwhile venture, which you can join.  You can help develop a better and happier community environment for the benefit of us all and for future generations.

If you would like to be a part of this, please join us by contacting below:

This is early stages.

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The Friends are building an opensource project, developed to inform locals and at the same time help teach IT skills. 

Friends of Harrow Weald construiesc un proiect open source, dezvoltat pentru a informa localnicii și pentru a ajuta la predarea abilităților IT.

phrends oph hairo veld ek opanasors projekt bana rahe hain, jise sthaaneey logon ko soochit karane aur aaeetee kaushal sikhaane mein madad ke lie vikasit kiya gaya hai.

Saaxiibada Harrow Weald waxay dhisayaan mashruuc furan, oo loo sameeyay in lagu wargaliyo dadka deegaanka isla markaana lagu caawiyo barashada xirfadaha IT-ga.

Harrow Weald'ın Arkadaşları, yerlileri bilgilendirmek ve BT becerilerini öğretmeye yardımcı olmak için geliştirilmiş bir açık kaynak projesi inşa ediyor.

di frendz fun Harrow Weald boyen an opensourse proyekt, developed tsu mitteyln loukalz aun helfn lernen es skilz.