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About This Map

We help support local park groups by building and improve communication between community groups, businesses, local organisations and the local authorities to become stronger together, sharing information and ideas, building awareness, creating a centralised knowledge bank, and sharing  technical skills.

Are you part of a community group?

Whether your part of a knitting group or look into history, litter pick or gardening, we would like to extend our friendship to your group and offer access to some FREE community tools, technology and help towards your own goals. 

We have create several simple ways to share money directly with other park and community groups, in fact our plans works much better when we share.

Got no products for sale? We are Friends and can offer your group several ways to generate extra income. TO GET STARTED ADD YOUR GROUP

Free community tools

Increase local awareness and website traffic

Build relationships with local businesses

Generate sponsorship for your events

Build new income streams for your group 

Access our community group partner documents

Sharing helpful information

Work together to find solutions to problems

Find access to money sources

Find and chat with local in your area organisations 

Why do we need a community hub?

Help to cut the layers of bureaucracy

When issues are raised in your park, often multiple organisations are needed and not always easy to get together, or it takes several complaints to get something done.

Council officers are often very helpful, however sometimes residents requests require officers from different departments.

Councillors, are supposed to be our representatives and liaise with the council officers, and often they are busy working on local issues      

Businesses want to support community groups, it makes sense, however often they do not know where to start.

By adding your group to our map helps businesses find and contact you.

Local problems can be resolved quicker with the correct information